A Thought Provoking Blog Award!

Today has been a pretty nice day! I had lunch with my daughter, my daughter-in- law (to be) and her mother….who is also my daughters mother in law! (SMILE)  Confused? Don’t be…it is simple!  My daughter married a wonderful young man named Chris, he has a sister named Amanda……Amanda is engaged to her brothers wife’s brother and my son!  LOL  OK….I couldn’t help myself!  I could have just said; I had lunch with 3 women who I do not get to see often enough and left it at that! But would that have been fun? Maybe for you…..

So after this fab lunch, I get home to find that our little blog was nominated and has won, cause that is how it works, another award! I am ecstatic! I love awards and I love that people are reading our blog, people other than my family…oh wait my family does not read my blog! Scratch that!! I am just happy to know that there are people out there reading the blog and apparently feeling it worthy of awards!

Thank you to Mary over at God Is I Am for the nomination!  I’m honored that you thought of Our Souls Purpose! Please visit her blog, if you have not already! There you will find the beautiful poetry that she writes! She is a very “thought Provoking” writer! I promise you will find it inspiring!

Each and every time we receive one of these awards it is instant validation that I am on the right path. Thank you again!

As is customary for these awards, I want to pass this on to a few other bloggers. It is always so hard for me to pick just a few! I follow many blogs and find them all to be “thought-provoking”  which is why I follow them! I’m astounded, on a daily basis, by the talent, passion, and soul that I see,read, and feel out here in the blogosphere!  I hope, as time passes, that I can call these writers “friends.”   I could do no better than to be considered a friend, or even peer, by all of the inspiring and creative writers who I have had the pleasure of “meeting”!

So with no further ado……

j.ricci energy – Julianna left me a few wonderful comments, a couple of times, then I started reading her blog. I love going to her “space where she thinks outloud in silence”  I love that! And her beautiful inspirational quotes make me feel good and smile!  That is always a good thing!  Want to smile? Visit Julianna’s blog!

Goss-Coaching – I started following Hanna over at Goss-Coaching because I found her blog to be different than the other weight-loss/coaching blogs! She writes….I mean she really writes! She is authentic! She shares a part of herself with the reader and really makes an effort to connect! It makes me come back time and time again!  If you are not a follower, you should be!

A Grateful Man– The reason that I nominate Russ over at A Grateful Man is best explained by posting “the purpose of this blog” page from his website. It reads……

“Words have the power to destroy or heal. When they are both true and kind, they can change the world.” – Buddha

“My hope is that you will experience truth and kindness in my writing, and that it will remind you of the greatness and goodness within yourself and others.”

If you know me or follow my blog then you understand when I say “his blog speaks to my soul.”  That is why I nominate Russ. Thank you Russ.

And thank you again to Mary!  Keep doing what you do!

16 thoughts on “A Thought Provoking Blog Award!

  1. “His blog speaks to my soul.” Wow! It is hard to imagine a more wonderful compliment than that! THANK YOU, Christine! I am deeply humbled and honored!



  2. […] delighted to have been introduced. Hilariously, I'm trying to persuade my brain to grasp Today has been a pretty nice day! I had lunch with my daughter, my daughter-in- law (to be) and her […]


    • Nice to meet you Simon! Admittedly the circumstances surrounding my youngest sons, non-blood familial relationship, with his wife-to-be is a FUN subject to talk about! It really is pretty simple,I can run through it again if you like………. (SMILE)
      As you can see, I have fun with it! Not everyone sees the humor!
      Thank you for visiting!! Hope to see you again!
      ~ Peace, Christine


  3. Oh, I just got happy goosebumps reading your lovely comments about my blog. I really do put it up there to share a vibration of Love, and it fills me with joy to know that it’s happening! Light and Love to you – Julianna


    • I am so glad you got “happy goosebumps!” that is awesome!
      Keep on doing what you do Julianna!
      And much Light and Love to you!


  4. So nice to find you, Christine! Found you through Simon Marsh’s blog. I look so forward to reading your.
    You and I share a similar tale in the family relatives. My two daughter’s married brothers. And the other side has great-grandparents, too. Together we are quite the family, sharing all things in common.
    We also share that our families do not read our blog. I’ve gotten well over that! Like you, I’m inspired by so many in this wonderful blog community.
    And last, our blogs have a lot in common.


    • Alexandria! Nice to meet you! I love Simon Marsh’s blog, although I have only just found it! I look forward to exploring your blog next 🙂 I love our blog community! There is so much to read and so much beautiful passion everywhere I look!
      It is so amazing that your daughters married brothers! We surely do share that, don’t we?! We also have a set of Great-Grandparents, my parents, and my husbands mother. My daughter, the one married to the brother of my soon to be daughter in law (haha), has 5 children! The other sets of G-Grandparents have passed on, one as recent as May of this year. We are quite the family too! We do most things together from holidays to birthdays! It is really lovely!
      So your family does not read your blog either? That is funny! I made my daughter take a look at mine yesterday just because I mentioned her and her sister in law, she looked and commented, and that will probably be the end to it! Ha! I am OK with it!
      Yes, our blogs certainly do have a lot in common! As do we!
      It was nice to meet you and to read your comment. Now off to explore your blog!
      Peace~ Christine


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